June 11, 2010

Black redesigned skirt

My long black cord skirt for work is now history. It was too long and dull - I took the scissors, cut it and placed some brooches from Bodils Business at the rim. They come in all sorts of colors and I can match them with my outfit.

Photo: tempo.dk

I am afraid th elight wasn't the best when I took the pictures, but I decided to use them anyway.

I tried uploading and blogging directly in flickr today - have not really figured it out yet - hence the frame around the upper picture and not around the lower one.

Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend.

June 8, 2010

Needed a new hand bag

I never get enough of spacious handbags. This one is made of brown linen with turquoise cotton lining. It has an inside pocket for the cell phone - so that I know where to look for it when it rings.

Here it is on top of the old kitchen chair, that I repainted some years ago. Now it is serving by the piano.

I hope you are enjoying your day. I am enjoying mine - being creative and the sun is shining.

June 5, 2010

Paper Dasies

I have wanted a paper puncher for a long time - yesterday I finally got out and bought one. I really bought it for another purpose - which I might share with you later, but when I got home with my treasure, it occured to me, that it might be possible to make treasures of old magazines.

Photo: tempo.dk

This is the first result of that - brooches made of 12 layers of thick glitted magazine paper and a lot of layers of varnish. I glued a patch of fabric onto a wooden button without wholes in it. On the back I have sewn a felt patch - the kind you use for furniture when you want to make sure you won't get your floor scratched.

Photo: tempo.dk

I wish you all a nice weekend.

June 3, 2010

Sweet Thursday

Today I really wanted something sweet. I thought I would try out the recipe for these raspberry petit fours.

They tasted just as wonderful as they look, and if you come back tomorrow, I will share the recipe with you.

I wish you a wonderful evening.